Tragic Magic.

Another thriller from the late 70s that affected me deeply. Magic mixes a creepy Anthony Hopkins with a sexy Ann-Margret and an amusing Burgess Meredith to form a ventriloquistic nightmare.

Here's the Trailer, see if it creeps you out too.

When I have more time next month, I'll watch the whole thing over again.

And lots more stills from the movie.

 A small cast but a good one.

Wait a sec. Do I see what I think I'm seeing on the picture above left?

 For some more magic, watch me transform into a pumpkin and hang out with Pooh!

 Another Gatcha Capsule with some Ghostbusters inside.

Today's snack is another conbini donut.

As an added bonus, some of the pictures drawn by my Grade 6 class.


Woof and Poof!

Here's a double feature of King for you, Cujo and Firestarter!

The above was one of my favourite King novels and when the movie came out, I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I need to watch this again to see if it holds up to my recollection.

When I get a chance, I'll watch this again as well.

No good selfie for you, just this goofy looking one.

No snack, rather some Halloween brews. Courtesy of the Hub, just in time for the Japanese premiere, a Star Trek Beyond drink with JD. A bit too sweet, just like the movie. (Kidding, I loved it!)

I didn't try the Guinness, too spooky for me!

We went to a new Craft Beer Pub. Great place but didn't find any good beer and two terrible ones. This pumpkin one wasn't bad.

As for Ghostbusters, here is a pic of the Gatcha for a few desktop items.


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