The Kid's Got Spelunk.

I didn't realize that it has been almost ten years since I last went spelunking. The last time was in Abakuma-Dou and it was a blast. A few weeks ago I aided a friend by driving him out to Ichinoseki to pick up a used car. At that time, we drove by Yugen Cave and I vowed to return some day. That day was Saturday since I was in the general vicinity for an early wedding. After a 90-minute drive, I arrived at about noon, wandered through the Yugen-dou (洞内) for twenty minutes and then I was done! Interesting but a very short cave dive.

About half way through the trip, I took advantage of the lighting and took a quick video.

After that quick cave diving experience, it has given me the desire to check out a few more caves.

This is a mini-bluff across from the cave site.

Inside there were several minerals for sale but much to my chagrin, none of them were from this particular cave!

These are kind of cool and fairly cheap at 3 for 1100. Here's what I picked up.

Here are a few shots of the trip home.

Any suggestions for my next cave?? (Other than the Bat-cave.)


Happy Burr-thday to Godzilla!

T'was 60 years ago that the American release of Godzilla, King of the Monsters was released. The main difference between this version and Japan's is the inclusion of Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin, hence the title of today's post.

As a happy coincidence, I was in the cinema picking something up and there for sale are tickets for Shin-Godzilla, Toho's main monster in Resurgence. After much shuffling around, the proprietors managed to find my bonus gift, a nifty clear-file of Godzilla vs. Evangelion!

I was at the theatre to pick up advance tickets to Friday's showing of CAvsIM, Civil War which for some reason we are getting a full week before North America*! Go Nippon!

I just so happened to win a Team Cap/ Team Stark pillow at UFO Catcher to commemorate the occasion.

*Why is it so surprising to get a movie a week early? Because Every...Other...Movie is always a few months late!! Case in point, Deadpool.

ps. Apologies for my month-long absence. It was tough to get back in the blogging saddle after my vacation. I needed something important like the above to get me recharged.


Best Easter Movie Ever!

Recently I got sucked into a violence debate on a Facebook post about Watership Down. Since I just happened to have the movie pamphlet handy, I thought I'd showcase the highlights as an early Easter present.

I'll let the artwork speak for itself and offer up little editorializing.

General Woundwort freaked me out when I first saw this.

Some letters from fans.

 The cast...

Zero Mostel makes the best seagull this side of Jonathon Livingston.

Art Garfunkel sang "Bright Eyes" (link to the opening credits.)

The back cover.

As you can see, this movie had an effect on other artists, such as Tezuka Osamu!

Well I'm on the topic of Easter, here are some KitKats that I will be bringing to Canada as presents. Possibly the best tasting ones I've had to date.

Perhaps more appropriate for Pancake Tuesday, yet I suppose Lent is now over so you can feast on Pancake-flavoured Kitkats!


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