This won't be some kind of post railing against  DJT, rather I'll be voicing my disappointment in a deck of cards I spent a fair amount of cash trying to win at UFO Catcher. Ooh, a deck of Star Wars Cards! That looks cool. (Spoiler alert: It isn't.)

Look at that design, flashy and funky. I'd like that. So I dropped several coins and finally won it.

Once I got it home, I discovered that it's all box and only one deck. I expected at least two decks but it's all box and only the single deck. Grrr.

The backs of the cards are shiny and cool though not easy to discern who is whom.

Not a bad looking Joker but it doesn't scream Star Wars.

The Ace of Spades is the ONLY card to have a fancy design and yet again, not at all Star Warsian.

The rest of the deck is glossy yet lame.

The only positive I can glean from this deck is that I'm glad I didn't spend more money trying for the Gold embossed set!

I also recently acquired  a set of twenty X-Files Cards that are supposedly some kind of game. I'm not at all into the RPG scene, so I can't decipher how to play the game, nor do I have anyone who'd play with me.

These two look cool though. (I wanna be Scully!)

This is what the back of the other eighteen look like. Meh.

Here are three examples of what a typical card looks like. Can you figure them out?

Bonus though, they come in a nifty little card carrying case. If I decide to give away the cards, I can use this for my bus pass.

The Truth is Out There! (It sure isn't in here.)

It's Sparky!

Now that the Chinese New Year has been celebrated, we can officially call this the Year of the Dog! Since I'm a Dawg myself, I thought I'd show off some pictures of my favourite dog, Sparky from Frankenweenie.

This set of Gatcha-capsules are straps. It took me a while to complete this set though I finally did so.

Sparkysaurus is supposed to be rare. How is it that I have five of them and it took me ages to get the others?

I have about a half dozen of these ones!

The other set of Gatchas were a little more expensive, so I didn't splurge on them.

I do like the poop prognosticating purrer.

I saw relatively few UFO Catch items back in the day. These are the only two I've amassed.

One day I came across this book at BookOff and it was only a buck. Kaching!

I like this patchy stitchy witty and wacky song by Kaela Kimura. Sing along...

That's all I have on Frankenweenie. Here are three different KitKats that came out before the New Year. I was going to send them out as New Years' cards but never got around to it.

You write a little message on the back as well.

Happ Inu Year!


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