My 190 Yen Worth.

A few weeks ago, I picked up the first in a series of ancient Japanese coins for only 190¥. (That link will take you to the JP Money webpage.) Not a bad deal for such a cool looking coin.

It includes a nifty booklet describing the history of the coin.

Something dad can enjoy with his nerdy son.

This is a preview of future coins to come.

For some reason, there are two pages on Antarctic moolah. Perhaps, there is a monthly feature of international money.

Here is my coin and its flip-side.

This is why I won't be buying any future issuance of these coins: Made in China!

At two bucks a shot, it might be okay but not at 10 bucks. Here are coins 2 and 3 of which I snapped pics from the bookstore in case anyone out there is interested.

The above post is for any amateur numismatics out there. Pros will collect the real thing, amateurs will collect these.


Happy Batday to You!

This year, Batman Day falls on September 23rd. Click that link for details. I'm celebrating BD by fighting a head cold and being lazy. Not very Batman-like, I'm afraid. What follows are recent Batman features in my vast accumulation of stuff.

He'll be guesting in a couple of movies in the near future, including DCスーパーヒーローズvs鷹の爪団 (DC Superheroes vs. ひみつけっしゃたかのつめ or Eagle Talon) courtesy of FROGMAN.

Watch this YouTube and you'll see how incredibly great and incredibly bad the animation of this movie will be.

This may clear it up or make it more confusing:

I bought an advanced ticket for this solely because I received this as a present. I am SO curious about this forthcoming movie. I'll either loathe it or love it.

The Heroes...

Voila! The cast...

A movie I know I'll like is Justice League!

I bought an advanced ticket for it as well and as a bonus, I received a much larger poster than I anticipated of the hero of my choice.

I chose Aquaman (sorry I cropped your head off!)

Here is a flyer for the movie:

And a mini-pamphlet with some info about the gang.

And of course, Batman!

Just last week I discovered a handful of figures from Batman v. Superman in the UFO Catcher that weren't around when the movie was released.

Disappointingly, the first one I won turned out to be Wonder Woman!s logo. It wasn't until a week later that I successfully won WW herself.

Finally, I found this little bag featuring Batgirl and other DC gals and it'll make a dandy present for my friend, Yvonne, who I dubbed Batgirl a few years back. (Do you understand the connection?)

Happy Batday!


What happened to the final survivor of the Covenant? Alien ate it!
(Not actually a spoiler, just a dumb joke.)

As you may have guessed, I saw Alien Covenant and I ignored all the plot holes and bad effects and over the top acting and found myself enjoying it. Above is a 手ぬぐい (tenugui or hand towel) that I bought, mainly because it's a cool image.

I also nabbed the above Clear Files, cuz that's the kind of thing that I do.

When at the cinema, I noticed that they had some Alien figures for sale, so I picked up two boxes. Unfortunately, I picked up two boxes that were identical, so I end up with two break-dancing Aliens.

One aspect of the Alien's life that never gets explained, is how they go to the bathroom. It turns out that they squat just like us.

Here are the other poses. If these scenes had been in the movie, maybe it would have been better.

Ages ago, I got this Alien, and he now has a companion in this Predator.

They came courtesy of a fortuitous win from packs of Sci-Fi characters.

The link at the top is for the Japanese Trailer, and here is an Honest Trailer for your perusal. (Spoiler Alert: "I'll do the fingering." and then the guy giggles. Good stuff.)

If there are indeed six more Alien movies, I hope they're better than this.


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