Pika-Choose a McFlurry.

Yesterday, I learned that there would be a new Pikachu McFlurry and vowed to try it today. So on my way home, I popped into a local  and ordered a Pikachu McFlurry. Full disclosure time: I have NEVER eaten a McFlurry of any flavour at anytime in my life. But the opportunity to have ground up Pikachu guts with ice cream was too appealing to let slide.

I got the smiley-faced one. I'd rather have the angry or sad one, to be honest but the gal at the counter assumed I need a smile.

Okay, what is the verdict? Imagine mixing up bananas, chocolate, and ice cream with eau de Pikachu and you'll get the idea. Seriously though, it was actually rather tasty and I'll probably eat another one some time in the future.

After my Pikachu parfait, I popped outside and snapped a picture of the banner.

Whoa, that is one creepy looking Ronald. I wonder why he's all alone.

By some wild coincidence, there is a new Happi Setto featuring Pikachu and other Pokemon pals.

I honestly cannot fathom why Pokemon is considered a "Boys' toy" and there needs to be a pink "Girls' toy" as well.

I grabbed two (don't worry, I ordered corn instead of fries).

I got a Houou Whistle. It'll come in handy should I ever be trapped under rubble and need to inform the rescue team that I'm still alive.

 And this is some kind of Ring Toss game that features a picture of Raikou, Entei and Suicune (whatever the hell those are!). I don't think I'll bother getting anymore of these.

Why is this happening now? It could be that it coincides with a new Pokemon Movie. Holy Crap! There's already been twenty of these!

Ah well, thanks for the snack but I think I'll wait until a better Happi Setto comes along...


Kitschy Kishi!

Last Sunday for the first time in two years, I made it to a Rakuten Eagles game. We were given a Gaikokujin (foreigner) discount and only had to pay 1000 yen for entry. I think I spent seven times that amount on beer though.

Here I am posing with one of the pitchers, Takayuki Kishi. I wouldn't mind getting a kitschy Kishi BobbleHead though I doubt whether I'd be able to find room for it.

Here are a few shots of the most important part of the game:

The second most important part of the game are the gals who pour our beer for us. Is it my imagination or are their beer kegs smaller than before? Perhaps there were too many herniated beer baristas.

Another important factor is the fans that one meets; these ones were current students at Seiwa University.

Another very important aspect of the game is the money shot when several thousand balloons get shot off into the heavens during the 7th Inning Stretch.

Okay, I'd like to apologize for that video. It starts off fine with fans chanting and then it switches to slo-mo for the duration. Skip ahead to about the 6 minute mark and you can see the explosion of balloons.

I'd like to revise my previous most important component of the game. That would be the friends that one gets to hang around with all day.

One of these people is my pal, Edward. The other is Zelous Wheeler. Can you tell the difference?

The only difference is that the over-zealous Zelous has his own song.

I seem to be forgetting one aspect of the game. Cheerleaders--Check. Beer-Gals--Check. Chatting up cute fans--Check. Shooting off balloons--Check. Good friends/ Good times--Check.
Ooh, right. there was a baseball game going on as well. I was hoping to snap a picture of Wheeler wheeling his way around the bases. Here are a few attempts.

Thanks to Wheeler and his home run (and other players helped too), we went from a 4-0 deficit to a 5-4 win!


Funky Funko!

I made the most amazing score last week. I POPped into Mandai on my way home from work and landed a Martian Vinyl Figure courtesy of Funko. Not just any Mars Attacks figure, this one just happens to be a Funko exclusive to the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) and limited to only 480 pieces. How this 2012 POP made its way to a Funky Otaku shop in Natori Japan is anyone's guess. Furthermore, why it was priced at only 1800 yen (about 20 bucks) is a complete mystery considering it sells on ebay anywhere from 230-500$! You can get your own for only 493.90$!

Even though it does glow in the dark, I think I'll keep it in its packaging for now. I don't think I own any other 500$ figures! Besides, I already have a Martian BobbleHead to keep me happy.

At a different Mandai, I managed to snag a Martian Leader for only 300 yen. Not a bad week for Mars Attacks!

I'll round out today's post with a look at the 2014 calendar. It is mainly reproductions of a dozen of the original cards. Only three used cards from the original 1962 series will cost you almost 50 bucks.

I wonder when the next time will be to land some Mars Attacks goodies...


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